Because Why??

Yesterday, I spent a glorious day snorkeling the Andaman Sea and shuttling from island to island on a small speed boat. It was perfect, fluffy white clouds sailing along a bright blue sky. Couldn’t ask for more.


The snorkeling was so good you could walk right into the water and be in your own personal aquarium.  Did not even need the snorkel gear to see the fishes swimming about your legs and feet. As many times as I have experienced this, it will never get old.

As you can see from the above, this island has room for many boat tours and people from all over the globe. Which is a shame. You should not be permitted to get on the boat without taking an idiot test first.

This has been bothering me since yesterday and I need to exercise it. So I am going to paint with broad strokes here. No, no I am not, I am going to call out a whole culture of people who continue to confound me, but I won’t be specific.

This is what happened. While enjoying the abundant natural beauty surrounding me and the peace that comes with it, I encountered this group of people and was most curious.  For here they were, in knee deep water in the middle of a tropical sea, dressed as if they were hiking the Himalayas. Wide brimmed hats, long sleeve shirts, long pants, water shoes, sunglasses and a layer of sunblock so thick it must take a firehose to wash it off.

I watched them stand in a group taking what must be the most absurd Facebook pictures in the history of the world. I mean, why memorialize yourself dressed for a blizzard at the beach? But they seemed to be enjoying themselves despite having difficulty bending about the joints, what with all their sopping wet snow suits.

As I mentioned, the fish are right there, but you can still opt to buy bread to really work these beautiful and delicate creatures into an instinctual frenzy. Fun! And these people did just that. All the while hooting and hollering. Then I saw the very definition of an idiot. One of these idiots thought it would be fun to catch an incredible tropical fish in a plastic bag and hold it up like he just won it at the county fair. I watched in horror as this idiot proudly held the fish in a bag for all his immobile idiot friends to see and of course, smartphone photograph.  The fish in this tiny plastic bag was as you’d imagine – TRIPPING OUT. Swimming frantically and crashing into the sides of the bag, bumping all over in every direction, just losing his mind. Who wouldn’t?

I watched this unfold, my bitch face now twisted and knotted into sheer disgust and anger, shooting laser beams at said idiot and his audience. I hoped someone would be self aware enough to look around and notice me. Nope. Eventually, the idiots tired of this game and released their captive back into the wild.

But why? Why do this? I prayed for a rogue shark to appear and exact revenge for his fellow ocean dweller. And where are the Thai to yell at them for endangering the local environs? (No, I cannot watch the Sarah McLaughlan ASPCA commercials, too emotional).

But a few minutes later, I received the satisfaction I longed for. The idiot who caught the fish got bit by one. I like to think it was by the very fish he caught since it clearly wasn’t a shark.

Other than that, it was a gorgeous day with crystal clear waters and gentle waves.

This island is so fascinating. Just a few roads exist where I am, with actual stores and establishments juxtaposed along side what can only be described as a shanty town. Simply modified storage or container units from trains, with corrugated metal roofs reinforced with metal rails. Clothes hang from windows, off porches, and in window pains; I am unsure if they are for sale or just drying. You can find anything and everything to buy between the two – cell phones, fruit, clothing, New Year’s decorations, flowers, tourist trappings, everything. And to be honest, it is so amazing to me I would love to walk around and visit each one. But alas, I don’t have that kind of time because I am too busy doing this:


Why yes, that is an obscenely large infinity pool looking over the ocean. And yes, I am snuggled up in a cabana with a tropical smoothie. It was a long, hard day today. I had to wake up, and then take a nap.

Tomorrow I will do more of the same and then sob silent tears as I pack to head home with a 24 hour sojourn that surely can’t pass without incident.


2 thoughts on “Because Why??

  1. Alyson says:

    Looks beautiful! Wishing you a safe trip home — but a harmless incident or two wouldn’t be too bad. Makes for great reading 😉 Keep posting!


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