The Big Schlep

I am up so early, I am actually nauseous. I am back in the airport lounge. I have traveled about 8,000 miles so far. I will have spent about 35 hours hours traveling, be it sitting at the airport or on a plane, once I complete this leg of the trip – Prague to Paris. I have been in Milan, Cairo, Frankfurt, Prague and Paris, yet only stayed in two of those cities. I will sit in the airport for 5 more hours, despite being able to take the metro easily to something arguably nicer to look at, like a baguette. Then I begin a 12 hour sojourn to Thailand. Somehow, I will have spent an entire day in the air between time zones as I depart at 7am from Prague Saturday to land in Bangkok around 7am Sunday. It doesn’t make sense and I am loving it.

I can’t wait to to get some place for longer than two days and settle in. I am starting to feel tired. Who ever planned this itinerary is a crazy person.

I hope this to be an uneventful trip to and through Paris. And wake up in Asia!

11:20am in Paris airport. Clearly, I spoke to soon about wishing for an uneventful trip. I am so tired that I just ate half a sandwich with MUSHROOMS all over it. (mushrooms are my mortal enemy) OH MY GAWD I AM GOING TO BE SICK. I would surely throw up but I do not want them in my mouth again. I am crestfallen and grossed out. I want to flail my arms and run around screaming but they won’t let me on the plane like that. I need to be more careful so accidents like this don’t happen. I can’t even THINK about what just took place. Shudder.

12:30pm, still in Paris, about 40 minutes ’til boarding. I am almost over the horror from the previous hour. Though I will never truly be. Anyway, I have a 12 hour flight ahead of me. I have been praying to the aviation gods that these seats have televisions. If not, I am going to go crazy and take everyone else with me. I mean it!

Also, it seems not a single person who sneezes or coughs in this hellhole minds to cover their mouths. This is truly the downfall of civilization. So disgusting.

I have been freezing for the last 2 days. I am now going to a place where the temperatures are going to be in the 90s. This should be a welcome relief! I can’t wait to put on flip flops and a t-shirt and bask in the sun with some sticky rice and mango.

Honestly, just get me out of this airport.


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